3D Mammography

Tomosynthesis (known as 3D Mammography)

Revolutionary Screening and Diagnostic Tool For Early Detection


Radiologists Now Have the Ability to View Inside the Breast Layer by Layer.

3D Mammography AKA ‘Tomosynthesis’ allows radiologists to see breast tissue in a detail that is not possible with conventional 2D images. With this new technology, the X-ray arm swings over the breast, taking a series of x-rays, gathering enough extra information to create a 3D image set. Now the breast tissue can be seen in very thin layers and there is less chance for a cancer to be hiding in overlapping or dense tissue. This makes it much easier for doctors to see if there is any cause for concern.

Earlier Detection, Better Visualization and Fewer Callbacks.

The FDA approved 3D Mammography technology is particularly effective for women with with an increased risk for breast cancer and those with dense breast tissue. Cancers are detected earlier by minimizing the impact of overlapping breast tissue. Visualization is superior with Tomosynthesis. Radiologists can see the shape, size and location of an abnormality. 

With 3D Mammography our radiologists have reduced patient callback rates. Real cancers are more accurately distinguished from harmless abnormalities, leading to fewer false positives and anxiety for women.

Coast Radiology offers 3D Mammograms at Mission Women’s Wellness Center located in the Mission Medical Tower at Crown Valley and Los Altos and Women’s Wellness Center at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach.

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