3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Scanner

Taking MRI to the Next Level


Industry-Leading Detail, Clarity and Diagnostic Usefulness

MRI is an imaging exam that uses a magnetic field and radio frequencies; not ionizing radiation to obtain a diagnostic image. MRI can ‘look inside’ the body and is useful for diagnosing neurological problems, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disorders as well as cancers. With today’s highest magnet strength, our state-of-the-art 3T MRI unit provides previously unavailable image detail and clarity, allowing doctors to detect problems sooner. 3T MRI also expands the types of problems we can evaluate, enabling us to help more patients while diagnosing your health concern with a whole new level of accuracy and confidence.

Faster, Easier, More Comfortable.

Our 3T scanner makes your exam more comfortable with shorter exam times, less noise and a wide, shallow opening. These make MRI easier and more practical for children, the elderly, people who are claustrophobic and those with special needs. Plus, our caring, experienced team treat you with professionalism, genuine compassion and dedication to your comfort and best health.

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