Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography

New Level of Diagnostic Capability and Confidence


More Information for the Most Accurate, Complete Diagnosis.

PET/CT provides a more complete diagnostic picture by enabling doctors to see not only anatomical structure (tissue, bones, organs) but also disease process. This is particularly useful for cancer, heart disease, dementia disorders and more. Doctors can see what’s going on and where and how it affects your anatomy. Our PET/CT scanner provides better image quality, field of view and detection of small areas of disease.

Focused on Protecting your Health.

By seeing the activity of disease and its effects on anatomy, doctors can detect certain problems sooner, which is vital to your best health. Your health is also why your PET/CT exam is conducted by an experienced, highly trained technologist. Our scanner also has advanced configurations to minimize radiation exposure and can reduce exam times by up to half. 



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